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Why you trust in Kriscent Techno Hub
Kriscent Techno Hub Pvt. Ltd. has huge planning for future with great ideas. It is still working on many things too. Our best and great ideas for investors are Create Hi-tech Gao (Village), Games with Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, KIRP (Kriscent Innovative Research Program). Many Investors are interested in all these fields.
Depth of Experience

Our member of company has high experience and depth of product knowledge required to build you the best solution possible.

Shorter time to go-live

Your implementation will be accelerated by our library of reusable code and standard base project plans, so you can achieve a faster return on investment.

Flexibility and Scalability

You don’t want inexperienced teams. We deploy optimal teams, with far more aggregate experience than our competitors.

What Our Happy Client's Says
To ensure long term relationships with its clients and investors, the entire Kriscent team adheres to international quality standards and work ethics.

Before choosing Kriscent’s software, I analyzed other software of different companies were readymade and less user friendly. But in Prabal I got many features with high user friendly environment. We are working faster now.

VIKASH KUNTAL Aiims subsidiary

We sleeked web services for our hospital and they delivered way better than we ever imagined. I am very much glad to met Mr. Kapil Gautam and his team

Sudha Hospital Co Founder / CEO

Managing trips & perks for the tourists has never been so exhilarating as we have touched the highest ebbs in our endeavors. Kriscent Techno Hub has built the most effective web solution that helped us in serving more clients "

Kratant Sharma Shrinath Travels

I think the only word I can say for your service is WOW!! The website development services you have provided is greatly appreciated, you have given us a professional looking.

Jitendra Meena Cad Cam Experts
We are working on the Ksmart simple online CRM software

CRM is a term that was initially defined and designed to improve customer service. Today, though, it relates to an entire business strategy. CRM software acts as a single repository to bring your sales, marketing, and customer support activities together, and streamline your process, policy, and people in one platform.

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Innovative research & Handshake Program
Our strong set of values reflects our global nature
Kriscent Innovative Research Program, this is completely a new way of working on new ideas, renovation of things and invent something new for Kriscent. Anyone can be partner of us under this program. We have a sub-body of KIRP that is Handshake, by this anybody can share ideas with us and we will work on with them. Under this program we not only promote startups but also work with big brands to help them in research and innovation.
Research Opportunities

KIRP meant to develop a unique and incredibly interactive environment to flourish research opportunities.

Research Partners

We work in transforming research communities, innovation services. Here you can know more about our programs & partnerships.

Strong Client Engagement

We are focusing on addressing challenges achieving valuable research for business and organizations .

Our Varied Game Development Services Make Us the Most Reliable Game Development Agency
Gaming is not only development for our company but also the biggest dream of Kriscent. In near future we want to become world’s largest Game Development Company. We have many thoughts in our creative minds for gaming, we will design first & third person game. If we talk about games then we want that don’t just play the game, rather feel the game. We will introduce games with Virtual Reality (VR) for excellent experience. After that we’ll design consoles and environment for playing the game.

About Digital Agency

Our Work on Artificial Intelligence

AI, Artificial Intelligence; human wants to alive each nonliving thing in the world by AI. We want to try to give intelligence, commonsense, decision making power, ability to understand and learning to each machine.

Innovative Digital Products

Kart-Online Shopping Portal

We offer an array of online marketplace to start online business. Kriscent’s Kart Amazing eCommerce Solutions where user can buy or sell products.

Amazing Online Shopping Platform


Kstore - Grocery Special Shopping Portal

Grocery special shopping portal with mobile app with features like admin, user panel and order management etc.

Grocery Special Shopping Portal with app


Edumaster-School Software

Simple, Powerful & Affordable School Management System.Manage all of your campuses, colleges , or departments in Single Software .

School Management Desktop Software


KHRM - Human Resource Management System

Simplify your cumbersome HR Management processes so that you SAVE TIME for other more productive work.

KHRM - Human Resource Management System


KEXAM - Deliver online exams and tests

K-Exam is the perfect solutions to create and deliver online exams and tests. Easily Create Exam Quiz , secure tests and assessments for students or employees.

KEXAM - Deliver online exams and tests


Online Appointment System

Kriscent Provide Online Appointment System Where User Can Secheduling Appointment with doctors.

Secheduling online appointment with doctors are easy using our application


We are working on latest technology
Our strong set of values reflects our global nature
So, though with a consistent approach of Research program we are delivering a platform where we invest tremendous resources to appreciable startups , developing skills by identifying exceptional people, rewarding their unique ideas, developing skills all over we are stepping a foundation to foster growth as a leader.
Smart City
High-tech Gao Development

Kriscent also wants to work for villages of our country to make them high-tech and self-capable. So that the villager will not need to move cities for employment and other facilities. So, when we make capable to each village then it will give power to our country and by the help of AI, IoT we will high-tech villages of India.

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Internet of Things
The IoT Journey from adoption to monetization

Internet of Things, connect all devices to one another by internet and control with a single controller. IoT is a big future of the Human being. Everything will happen easily only by thinking, because each device is connected and all have their intelligence.

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