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Life at Kriscent - Fun at work

What if your work life is just full of fun? And not the same work every day that becomes boring at times. Fun activities and celebration at workplace give people a short break from daily work routine and make them feel that they are part of the organization. With more fun, cakes, dance and more celebrations, everyone get a chance to bond with one another beyond the work. These activities often have a relaxed atmosphere and also add a sweet texture to hectic and busy work life. we at Kriscent take every opportunity to help our employees take a break from the regular workplace routine for an additional morale booster.

“Kriscent” it’s just not a name or company for its employees, it’s a second home for all. We all are family and friends. We have a perfect balance between our professional life as well as personal life.

 Know What We Celebrate:


Appreciation events
Team building events
Company milestones
National and Traditional festivals

It’s not enough we also arrange LDP program for our employees for their development. Every employee participates in this program and share your knowledge as well.

We also formulate following approaches:
Flexible working Environment
Employee will be rewarded based on their performances
Personality Development activities
Technical support & maintenance, systems are well managed and project testing offers a decent balance in working life.
Offering Incentives on basis of experience, sharp skills & punctuality as well as on competitive subverting tactics and monopolistic knowledge of an employee.

Fun at work activities

Fun at work activities basically conducted to relax nerves of our employees
Make them free from stress
These are weekly activities up to duration of 30 minutes during period of work
By agile methodology of these activities we want to flourish mind of our employees
Deliver useful information by asking logical questions and to do some funny activities for leisure purpose. 

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