Node.js 10 is All Here with Amazing New Changes

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Node.js is out with its latest release, the version 10. It is slated to become the platform’s Long-Term Support (LTS) line in October 2018. As per this announcement, it would be considered as the primary vent of the technology to help programmers to go about and develop solutions, moving forward.

The seventh stabled release from Node Foundation, Node.js 10 is going to focus on incremental improvements and the major agenda of the version is to assure more in terms of stability, reliability and performance – to be able to cater to Node users ever more effectively and approvingly.

The different new roles and traits it is going to take up from here, include the ones pertaining to increased consistency, stability, cryptographic support, better capability and various performance level improvements.

This time we see some cannibalization here, with the new release. As it always happens, when a new technology comes in, it replaces or overshadows the earlier outmoded offerings of the same lineage. With this 10 coming in, the promoters have ended up supporting Node.js 4. So, if you still have it with you, you better switch on to later versions.

Getting back to what’s going to be the future, let’s find out what newer and better this release has in store to offer and how is it going to change your experience with Node.js:


It would take in N-API as the officially supported API layer and this will go far in supporting the framework to stably and evenly contribute to different development situations and user types, for building better server-side applications. Further adding to the benefit, N-API will help in bringing down the maintenance costs for native modules by reducing the intensity and amount of friction to allow the framework to effectively process production deployment. This simply means that there will be no module breakage anymore. To make it easy to manage and deploy and to assure it delivers consistent results across versions, N-API is implemented back to the versions 8.x and 6.x to make it safe for users with earlier versions to deploy and upgrade the framework safely and soundly.

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