Android 10 Released: Explore What’s New, Features and Latest Updates

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Google finally released the Android 10 version on 3rd  September. The Final version released was named Android 10 instead of the Beta version - Android Q.

The previous versions of Android had been named on desserts. Putting an end to this custom of naming the android updates on desserts, Google opted for adding numbers to the update series which can make it easier for the common people to remember and relate to the version updates.

Let’s find out white’s new with the Android 10 Update

Here we go,

1) Firstly, the Android 10 is built focusing on the advanced machine learning concepts and provides support for emerging devices like foldable and 5G enabled phones.

2) Second major series of update lies in the enhanced privacy and security. More than 50 features are added to enhance the overall security, privacy, and control and transparency of user data.

3) Third, the Android 10 update helps the tech-savvy generations create the right balance between technology and the family.

With more than 20,000 issues getting fixed since the Beta launch in Mar’2019, the Android 10 rollout comes more powerful and offers the users a whole gamut of amazing and technology-laden functionalities.

Grab the Android 10 update on Pixel Phones – Pixel 3(3a), Pixel 2, Pixel and all XL series

Pixel device owners can enjoy the plethora of amazing features by updating their devices to Android 10 which is available now. For the devices enrolled during the Beta testing program too can get benefitted as the official rollout is applicable on those devices too.

So, gear up and get your devices running on the ultra-fast Android 10 update!
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Android 10 Released: Explore What’s New, Features and Latest Updates

Learn more about the 17th version of the Android mobile operating system - Android 10. Google finally released the Android 10 version on 3rd September.

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