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Writing SEO friendly Blogs

1. Firstly you have to select an appropriate keywords for your blog post so Identify Primary keywords for blog

• Make sure it contains main theme and is naturally linked to current topic of your blog.
• Choose a variations that are popular amongst in the users.
• Low competition rate of keywords gives you higher chances of success in competition

2. Identify two to four or few secondary keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) often referred as secondary keywords which incorporates search engine to rank and understand properly content.

3. Write engaging contents for your readers

While you write an engaging SEO optimized content make sure that your primary target is your human audience not bots. Enhance your user experience by creating engaging articles.

4. Add naturally keywords in thorough article

Use keywords thus it will let you aid search engine to categorize and understand blog post and contents. Make sure you would manage an appropriate keyword density that is 2%, avoid keyword stuffing. Make sure in 400 words article use three to four times your keyword along with text.

5. Use primary keywords in Subheadings and paragraphs

In a good blog content targeting your primary keywords can in your top paragraph and subheadings like H2, H3, H4, make it accessible for your readers to understand contents as well as it is easy to rank in search engines.

6. Write originally & grammatically error free content

Well written, high quality and grammatically error free content can rank your pages. Make your sentence too short and simple instead of using lengthy words make use of grammerly tools to check grammatical error.

7. Assign Appropriate Tags and Categories

Assigning tags and categories let you help your blog not only organized but also it can help you to connect with specific themes and topics. By help of categories or tags you can easily describe your users accurately about your blog posts.

8. Don’t forget to use your primary keywords in Meta description & image Alt tags

Like Meta titles search engines often visit Meta description and also image crawls. To make your content visible in search engine add sufficient quantity of your primary keywords wrap along with description. Adding Alt tags in your images consist with primary words make it looks makes it more useful and reliable. Alt text is a text description used not for users but only for image Crawlers.


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