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Mobile Phone In The Hands Of Super Power
Phone is a necessity now a day, the basic functions of a phone is calling and texting. Apart from that many people use their device for fulfilling their hobbies like photography and music. Some people also use their mobile phone devices for doing business. But do you know what mobiles do world leaders use?
Everybody Knows Mr. Narendra Modi and his obsession for technology. As if now it Seems like nobody ever talked about the Prime minister of India before Mr Narendra Modi came to power. Mr Modi is obsessed by iPhone as he owns iPhone 6 & 6s and before that he used to own iPhone 5s.
The President of Russia Mr Putin always denied to have a phone at his inventory, he always said that he doesn’t have time to use mobile phone’s. But in several occasions’ he found out to be using a Russian phone MTS-Glonass 945 and other times people spotted Vladimir Putin using an iPhone.
United States of America
Barack Obama has all the power in this world. He can own any gadget that he desired for but he has his own love for his Blackberry and iPad. Barack Obama has a Black berry 8300 and Apple IPad 3. Although the Security experts of white house advise him not to use Black berry for security reason but still, after all he is the president of states.
The existence of iPhone in French president Francois Hollande’s came to picture, when some media people caught him chatting with his girlfriend by an iPhone 5s. It seems like this French minister has a love for iPhone along with his girlfriend. I was about to add Mr. Donald Triumph in this list of leaders, but as we all know he is not a leader yet. And in my research work I was only able to find his contact number.


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